Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Saturday, April 18, 2009

today's ain't a friendship day. it's everyday=)


i know i shouldn't be doing this but i did. forgive me, i'm a sinner=P

in the fact that i'll be sitting for the first paper, in less than 48hrs away from now, i'm not doing revision much..but viewing the gambar2 lama instead. gila.

Ella texted me while i'm gazing at every moments we used to have in our friendship life. she feel the same way, did she? (hopefully).

*erm... Ella, tabahlah kau disana.. Allah uji kita dengan ujian yang mampu untuk kita tanggung, untuk test keimanan dan kekuatan kita menempuh hidup ni. I miss u friend..*

I wish that she'll always be here, berkongsi cerita like we used to be. i want to tell her every sweet moments i have in life. how annoying some people might be. and how i am deeply in crush with someone near me..

but i know, i' m a big girl. big enough to handle my probs alone. but sometimes, i need someone who really understand myself, supporting my thoughts when its true, and sincerely correcting bad things i've done.

Semoga kita sama-sama berada di bawah rahmatNya...

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