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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

my wishlist..


hmmpphh, only a paper left, then i'll be finishing my degree's courses!

count to this day, it's 3mths++ since the last time i'm staying at home>seremban

i miss home and every single particles in it.

i know my home is not as big as yours, or others, but its warm and cozy enough for me+my family+my kucing..thee hee=P and plus, our home filled with LOVE and LAUGH and the quantity is un-accountable!

ok. lets stop bragging about that.

i'm putting my wishlist here, so i hope i'll be able to cope on that. and if i wont, please someone do remind me, eh?

  1. i want to have an mp3 and new earphone since the old one gone fatiguely impaired.
  2. (if there will be cuti for us) i want to sit back on the kerusi malas puas2, watching the big-black-box of entertainment..(hehe, tv lah tu)
  3. do big saving for my own car(insyaAllah..)
  4. emphasize my skill on cooking! xlama lagi dah kena hidup sendiri, takkan nak pekena mamak and megi ayam jer setiap malam kan?
  5. getting real-handbag for real-working woman and that probably cost real-hole-in-the-pocket amounts=)
  6. a book, a month! ~learning process never ends, beb..
  7. do jogging. at least, thrice per week.
cukuplah sampai tujuh jer. banyak2 nanti takut tak terlarat nak get to the objectives kan?

ok all.. got to sambung my Final Yr Project. xsiap lagi beb!

* to omak,ayah, angah, azrul and adik yang membaca my blog, all i want to say is.. along sayang semua. doakan kejayaan along kat sini ye=)

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