Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, February 20, 2009

busy-ness + gorgeous. apa kaitannye?

i had this routine. last night, like the other nights before, i uncapped the bottle. juggling them left n right, up n down.....one, two, three??... alamak, ni jer yg tinggal?

then, i started to think, does this happened for the cause of being too tied up with the activities, sampai terlupe nk beli stok vitamin sume..

*bangun dari kerusi, bergerak ke kotak stok2 toiletries, peeking through the lubang kotak...ok, masih ada stok, masih ada....

busy sangat ke??

mak called last two days. it was a missed-call, then i called her back in rush, sebab nk gerak ke blok bestari for the prep hours time tu...

"long, saje je mak call...dah lame tak dengar khabar.."

errkk, gulp.....lame ke along xcall mak?...

it's not like i didnt have any time left, at all.. tapi.....

*grumpy stomach, can't you wait till i'm thinking the right excuse to type in?? xsabar2 betul~

congrats KAK SITI & ZAINI on your pernikahan harini....may the bliss lasts forever, sampai hujung nyawa, insyaAllah..

this is my reflection of a beautiful, perfect wedding= an extra gorgeous cake!

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