Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, February 16, 2009

saye suke. saye xsuke. saye suke...kah? *drool*

*header tiada kena mengena dengan topik ini.harap maklum*

finally. he admits it. thanx for finally being honest to me, though you are not, at the frontal part. and am greatly sorry for chosen some unwise words to express my annoyance.

ok. lets leave them up. i am feeling slightly unstable at this moment.

i have been through my planner just a moment ago. lately, i just cant manage to keep them on track. too much rescheduling aint easy and not on my adorning. sangat xsuke okk, menukar2 jadual... there should be attending my favorite cousin's wedding bash...but SEMKA??

alaaaaaahaaaiiiii...... bab military training ni mmg sgt suke tuang2...tp kalo bab stadi2 ni, aisyh~

rugi beb, xattend seminar ni. this seminar is an annual event for the civil engineering department. there'll be important information and latest technology on construction industry delivered during the event. on top of that, 4SZW will be the organizer this year, driven by the fact that we are the final year student, of course. ++ SEMKA tahun ni will be handling twice, a weekend at UIA and another weekend, here in UPNM.

saya adalah bakal emcee pada event itu yer...(ella-the-besfren-of-the-world, how on earth i'm wishing too much that you are here, helping me through..huhu)

ok2, back to the knduri kawen sepupu fevret ku itu... agak terkilan sebab xdapat buat gubahan untuk hantaran anda. sgt minta maaf for the unplanned-ruined-promises. but, promise, if any, i do have the utmost power to escape the situation, i'll be back to the clan. hee~

cant wait for the annual camp at Pangkor.
err, that'll be on the other weekend. ouh........ i'm losing my weekendssssssss......tolong!

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MaDihays{Ida} said...

dik, bile nak taruh shoutmix nieh..
:( tambah ler..