Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, February 6, 2009

marah sangat

sometimes i wish i didn't belong here. to this situation.
the further i'm traveling into this position, i'll be getting more confused~

kami cuma manusia biasa. yang perlukan waktu untuk rehat. untuk berfikir. untuk menikmati hidup ni. or,, am i really wrong in here?? is that because i am paid, and belong to this organization, so i have to truly devoting my full, whole, beautiful life to become someone else's kuli??

they want us to be the leanest. to be the smartest. to be the strongest. to be the most respectful people walking on earth.

but,, what if they treat us like monkeys in the zoo??

what if,, we never respect them, who never respect us as human being?..
seriusly, sudah xde rase respek pada yang berkenaan. mereka hanya ditakuti. yep, we feared them. we feared the pangkat. as human, as leader??..maafla,, KOSONG.

peranan diorang same mcm zionis yang menyekat keperluan penduduk palestin. maybe, not physically, but mentally.

itu yang mereka nak jadikan kami as independent, smart leader?

please lah... kami dah penat nk memenuhi alll your stupid, irrelevant action and specs.

tukarkan organisasi ini kembali menjadi training academy. there's no use of becoming a university jz on papers.

kalau ini yang anda implement kn, never to put all the best brains in here. this organization never deserve all those.

itu yang anda semua mahukan, kan? so then, we can accept all these nonsense.

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