Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pangkor's camping bash=)


hurm, back to upnm, again. what else on earth do i have to regret than coming back after having some greatest time being in Pangkor??

hee~ xla teruk sgt upnm ni, nk kate cmtu kn... but seriously, i'm having my great time back then..

ckp banyak pun xgune, so, i'll use pictures, as they always say....a picture worth a million words kan, but for me, it's even more=)

wt lt col Ir Dr Norazman and his wife and my ladies' juniors....

jogging in lovely morning......ouh, how rhythmic..

lepas jog

geng kacamata..hee~

tough man having tough time. the result?..2nd place. ok-lah tu!

volley2 of the valley..hehe...yg ni 1st place yer...congrats guys!

karaoke. geng rock kapak sume ni..
(thanx apiu for dedicating the Rozana song..that was sooo..sweet..)

...swinging in the shade...
(wt my junior, nabila)

jalan2 shopping2 at lumut waterfront

bye~ kami mahu pulang!

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